How to Use Buckle Scrunchies & Buckle Hair Ties

  • 1. Gather your hair

    Style and gather your hair as you would with a traditional hair tie or scrunchie

  • 2. Hold the buckle to tie

    Hold the buckle and begin wrapping it around your gathered hair

  • 3. Loop the buckle in last

    Tie the buckle in last so it ends up on the outside so it prevents hair tangles

  • 1. Locate the buckle

    Find the two sides of the buckle that can be pinched to open the buckle

  • 2. Pinch & release

    Hold the sides of the buckle and pinch them together to release the Buckle Scrunchie

  • 3. Watch it pop off & unravel

    Hear the *click!*, feel the *pop!*, and watch it unravel and twirl out of your hair