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Very versatile for long, thick hair

I love the versatility of the buckle scrunchie! I can use it to toss my hair up when doing makeup, etc. Or because of the gorgeous satin sheen, I can dress it up as well! I've always had long, thick hair and struggled with tangled hair ties ripping my hair out. This is no longer an issue with the buckle scrunchie. I'm definitely excited to try out the buckle hair ties next!

The scrunchie for marathon training

I’ve always been a scrunchie girl because I have pretty fine hair. Regular hair ties pull and ruin my ends. With buckle scrunchie I can wear a scrunch even when I’m running marathons because I can just unclip it and it doesn’t get stuck in my messy braid. I love all the colors and how you can wear it out or wear it to run a race. Definitely have been converted by the buckle


My ONLY wish is that it came slightly smaller! i can tell it’s got a good grip but my hair is pretty fine so most things slip out. it’s great to sleep in & didn't crease after a messy bun to bed look.
I have child sized wrists & just carried them in my bag, but i personally love a bracelet type of thing (if you ever make a mini put me on the waitlist pls)

Page Joyner
Love it !

I love it ! The silky fabric is so gentle on my hair yet it holds my hair snug and doesn't slide off and releases easily. It feels so luxurious and lets me pamper my hair..
I would definitely recommend this to anyone

Grace K.
Doesn't pull or tug at all

The best part about the buckle scrunchie is how incredible it feels taking it out of my hair! The dramatic effect is everything and it doesn’t pull or tug at all. Plus the colors are adorable and the fabric is so soft❤️ I’m absolutely obsessed with them!!


I bought these babies for my little sisters who have super tangly hair. They hate doing their hair because regular hair ties just get tangled and it's not a fun experience for anyone. Lately, they have been using this and love it. It's so easy and super cute! SO worth it and it makes any outfit looked elevated.

Jordan R.
SO CUTE and functional

I work in the medical field and wear my hair up a lot throughout the day and during my workouts/runs after my shift. I usually just use a hair tie, but they often give me headaches and tangle my hair. I wanted something cute, comfy, and wouldn't tangle my hair. These are definitely the solution. I get so many compliments on the different colors too.

Cute, convenient, easy to remove

The buckle scrunchie is cute, convenient and easy to remove. Unlike regular scrunchies, the buckle scrunchie doesn’t lead to hair loss when you remove it from your hair. I like it and would recommend to others👍

I have straight/wavy hair

I wore it to the gym and got really sweaty and my hair used to tangle in normal scrunchies but the buckle made it easier to remove without pulling my hair. I also used it to pull my hair back to wash my face and it did an awesome job.

Best hair scrunchie and keeps my hair so healthy

This has been the best hair scrunchie I’ve ever had! It keeps my hair so healthy with the bucket action which avoids any rips and tears! This has been something I’ve been looking for forever in a hair tie! It’s so easy to put in and take out with no twists as I go about my daily life. They’re also extremely cute and stylish with the silky fabric! Definitely worth the purchase!

Buckle Hair Tie Reviews

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I never received my order because the post office told me i had to pay almost $5 to get it since re.statement didnt pay proper postage.

Thick hair, textured hair, and slicked back ponytails

I love the buckle hair tie! It no longer pulls out my hair even with textured hair like mine! It also works with thick hair while not coming loose over time!

For active moms on the go

I absolutely LOVE the Buckle Hair Tie! As an active mom on the go, it has been a lifesaver (and saved me from even more hair loss)!

Amy W.
Made for college gymnasts and athletes

I use it during practice and anytime I want a low ponytail. It's so nice to be able to take my hair out in a simpler way!


Love this!!
My 6 year old has hair past her bottom and she is very tender headed. With this I dont have to pull it out of her hair and NO crying!!!

cecilia C.
Love love love them

Literally the easiest hair tie I’ve ever used and I didn’t end up with her wrapped all the way around it. I wore it to the lake with my hair in a bun and still had no tangles or no hair wrapped around the actual hair tie. I’m so excited for these.


Such a great surprise for myself. Makes my hair feel amazing each time I let my hair down


Must for ponytails!

Amanda M.

I love the buckle scrunched! It made fringe my daughters hair so much easier!


Loved how it stayed in my hair

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